Escort job


Работа для девушек за границей

Escort job is a well paid work for girls in Europe that is available for clever and beautiful girls.

Escort job supposes short-term trips for 7-30 days to the countries of Europe, Asia and Middle East. Escort in Qatar. Escort in Dubai. Escort in Europe and London.
Escort in USA.
Income is EUR 10-15 thousand (10 days of work), but it is all individual, much depends on the photos in your portfolio and comments about your work.
You live independently in 4 and 5 stars hotels. The working hours are from 10 a.m. till 00.00 a.m.

We are an escort agency in the Middle East – in Doha the capital city of Qatar. We offer very high earnings and you can count on a good attitude towards girls here. Young girls aged 20-30 are needed for work in the Middle East. You will arrive Qatar by yourself and lodge into a hotel. All the girls live in 5-star hotels. Customers come to the hotel. 530 euros ($700) for 1 hour. 5-10 customers a day. I have more than 1,200 regular customers, and you will be able to earn much. I have been working in Qatar for more than two years and have a very good attitude towards the girls. Don't waste your time searching for work in Europe for there are no good prices there. Come visit us. Please send your photos, where your face and figure can be clearly seen to email address [email protected] Our whatsapp+: 1705(300)0076

Besides, we need girls to escort VIP persons. Girls are selected based on their photos. If you don't have an excellent portfolio, you will doubtfully be chosen for a 24 hours VIP Escort, but timework based on types is possible.

This is the way we have been working for several years, and all the girls usually go abroad to work several times.
An appealing portfolio guarantees you a sufficient number of clients and good profit.
The trips are short-term and you can work without interrupting your studying or the full-time job.

Job abroad for girls
The knowledge of English for the girls abroad is desirable but not obligatory.
Job for beautiful girls abroad

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